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When Life Gets Hard

There can be times when life feels like a struggle.

We might be in pain, feel knotted up, full of a cold or be affected by a more difficult condition. We might feel desperate about a situation in our relationships or be anxious about our work. Sometimes we feel incapacitated; we just don’t know what to do.

In Donald Epstein’s book ‘The 12 stages of Healing’, he describes acknowledgement of these states as the First Stage of our healing journey. It is an essential step and one that is often difficult to take.

A natural, and common, way of helping ourselves feel better is to blame something or someone else; ‘It’s the tablets/my leg/ that event’ or ‘I would be OK if it wasn’t for…’, ‘He/she did this to me!’ This thinking creates polarity, division and separateness, (Stage 2 of The 12 stages of Healing). It’s not necessarily a resourceful state to be in but at least it feels better than Stage 1!

These stages show up in our physical tension patterns however it is also interesting to note how they show up in our lives.  Ask yourself when and where do I disconnect from myself, my experience of life or do I feel overwhelmed?  This is Stage 1 of your healing journey. Also, ask where does polarity show up for me? When or where do I choose to blame something or someone else, or create division?  This is Stage 2.  Look out for these patterns in the next few days, awareness is the first step.

At Brighter Life Chiropractic we are continuing to teach and practice the SRI techniques that relate to the Stages of Healing as described above. See our calendar for the workshop dates in the next few weeks.

Also on September 19th we are holding an NSA Care Intensive Programme. This is offered to significantly progress your care, advance your NSA & SRI strategies and transform your experience of life.

The morning will consist of two group entrainments and a group SRI workshop over the course of 3 hours. It promises to be a powerful morning of connection, transformation and awakenings! It will also be great preparation for future Clear Days, or for people interested in attending the forthcoming Transformational Gate in Italy.

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