Practice Update - July 2020

Here’s the good news….

The practice is open, new patient consultations (see below for our special offer) and entrainments are available.  Here’s a few things we’ve put in place to ensure everyone is kept safe & well.

We are only inviting practice members and new patients into the practice who are…

  1. Asymptomatic (not currently experiencing any of the known symptoms of fever, cough, fatigue, difficulty breathing or loss of taste or smell)
  2. Not self-isolating due to living with someone who is symptomatic or self-isolating
  3. Nor have had contact with someone who currently has or is suspected of having COVID-19
  • We are practising social distancing in both the reception area & entrainment room and 121 entrainments are also available.
  • We will be screening people upon arrival using an infrared forehead thermometer.
  • Strict cleaning protocols are in place in between shifts and each entrainment, more information is available upon request.  In addition to this we ask that all visitors and practice members wash their hands at the kitchen sink upon arrival.
  • Drinking glasses and jugs are not currently in use, please bring your own water bottle
  • No payments are currently being taken at the practice, all payments are to be made by bank transfer
  • Irene is not yet back with us, and although we miss her, this allows us to continue to minimise the amount of ‘touch points’ in the practice.

I would like to add that if you don’t feel comfortable coming to the practice right now, I am still here for you. I am very happy to be available over the phone or via video call to offer advice on things you might be able to do at home to help yourself. So, if you would like to, please do get in touch.

Yours Chiropractically,

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