Our Values


There is wisdom in us all that knows how to live well. It knows how to digest our food, grow our hair, heal our pain and how to thrive in challenging times. We help people to reconnect to that wisdom, find their balance and improve their wellbeing.


We don’t have to be in pain to be able to feel better. When the spine and nervous system are communicating better, we function better. When we function better, we feel better and are able to do the things we love to do. We’re never too young or too old to thrive.


We respect your uniqueness. What brought you to the point in your life that you are at now and your innate healing journey.

Symptoms as Messengers

Symptoms can get in the way of life. They can interrupt our flow. We might want to get rid of the pain to get back to doing the things that created the pain in the first place.. But we can gain wisdom and insights from our symptoms. That way we can learn and move forward.


The more stressed we get, the more disconnected we feel. The disconnection shows up in our body as tension, tightness and eventually pain. It shows up in our lives as poor communication and challenging relationships. As we start to heal, we feel more whole and open up to the inter-connectedness of community.

Meet The Team

Brighter Life Chiropractic Meet The Team Dave Nancy
Dave - Chiropractor
I care deeply about helping people. Not only to manage symptoms, but to function optimally and feel whole. My introduction to chiropractic was one of the most transformational points in my life.

Nancy - Practice Manager
Although much of my day to day is dedicated to bringing up our girls Chloe & Sophie, I assist in the background with the smooth running of things. As a Creative Arts psychotherapist I’m passionate about the care we offer at Brighter Life and see it assisting people across many aspects of their lives. I’m often found at the practice with our girls, receiving care as a family.

Dave's Story

Dave Hill Chiropractor Brighter Life Chiropractic
Every day in practice I see people light up.

I get to see people transforming and see people resolving pain. 

I witness people unwinding and finding peace within their body. 

People tell me about finding a deeper connection to themselves and others.

This potential is within us all. And chiropractic can help unlock that potential.

The inspiration to become a chiropractor came from the results and care I received from my own chiropractor.

I first visited her whilst in training for the London marathon. I had the usual aches and niggles, but more important for me was finding something that could give me more of an edge.

A few weeks later, I raced in London and broke the previously elusive three-hour barrier, knocking 22 minutes off my personal best. Numbers aside, my niggles had gone.

I felt more balanced, more at ease, and I recovered from the race quicker than I had ever done in the past.

Despite both bachelor and doctorate degrees in science, I didn’t understand it. My ‘logical’ brain couldn’t comprehend it.

How could such light touches to the spine have such a profound effect?

As a scientist I couldn’t argue with the results. I had to expand my idea of what was scientific.

At the time I was working long hours, driving a lot and was often stressed. Increasingly I noticed the positive effects the adjustments had on my energy, wellbeing and ability to enjoy life. Given more energy and resourcefulness I found that my capacity to respond to the stresses of life improved dramatically.

I continued to notice more, not only in myself but with others.

Eventually, I realised I needed to help other people access the kind of care I had received. So I enrolled at the Open University and then into chiropractic college.

The five years of training were thorough and alongside my degree I learned NSA from its founder and developer Donald Epstein. I continue to maintain and develop my learning as the work evolves.

We established Brighter Life Chiropractic to help build community. It's a safe space where people can connect with others.

Also, as we unwind the patterns of tension that have ruled our lives, we can open to a sense of inter-connectedness with others and the world.

I believe we need that now more than ever.

Nancy and our two daughters are regular visitors to the practice for their own care. Nancy also supports the practice as the practice manager.

I hope to see you here soon.

Dave Hill D.C. PhD
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