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When Nancy and I opened the practice 7 years ago we set out to build community. We are very proud of how that has developed over the years, we have created a space where people can be authentic, whole and can meet with other people experiencing life through similar lenses. Furthermore, as we start to unwind the defences that have built up over the years, we open up to connection and community, and guess what?  It was always there.

This goal remains central to Brighter Life and always will. So, despite closing the practice at the moment, and because of the strong sense of fear and anxiety that many are feeling, we would like to offer a number of ways to maintain and enhance our sense of community.

  • A weekly Zoom call for us to get together and work through some of the issues, fears and stresses of the moment. In the large part this will be working with the tools of SRI to release tension and support your nervous system. The first one of those will be this Friday 27th March at 10:00am. Please email us on info@brighterlifechiropractic.com and I will send you an access code. This will initially be limited to 6 people. Other time slots will be available if there is demand.
  • Individual SRI appointments are available via video link such as Zoom/ Facetime.  Email me to book your slot.
  • On-line social. Grab a drink, hang out and chat to people you know through the practice. Over the years we have come to recognise the importance of our reception room and want to avail that to you virtually!  Open to all current and past practice members plus those of you in our wider community.  Sunday evenings (starting Sunday 29th) at 8pm, Zoom access codes will be announced on Facebook.  If you don’t use Facebook let us know and we’ll email them to you.
  • 1-2-1 ‘Crisis-care’ appointments are available at the practice for people who are really struggling. Please contact me via email and I will assess your needs and see if we can arrange a way forward.

If you’re struggling to stay calm and centred amidst all the news and hearsay, I recommend three things.

  1. Limit the amount of news and media / social media you consume (especially before going to bed)
  2. Book your space on Friday’s online group SRI at 10am or email me to arrange a 1-2-1
  3. Listen to Rangan Chatterjee’s recent podcast on managing anxiety (episode 103).  As many of you know I’m a huge fan of his work and hope you’ll find this beneficial.

Some Logistics:
As the practice is now closed for the foreseeable future if you are currently paying for your care by standing order by all means pause it and re-start it when we re-open. Alternatively you can leave it in place and have a few more sessions to boost your care, your health and your immune system when we re-open the doors.

Look out for newsletters for details of the activities in the practice and engage with us as much as you want to. Also, please let me know questions you would like answering about chiropractic, Network Spinal Analysis, or my take on what is happening to the world right now. I will be able to address the topics in future newsletters, blogs and videos.

Yours chiropractically,


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