How are You?

Who are you becoming?

Happy Easter! A little different from the usual one but I hope that you are well and able to enjoy the weekend in new creative ways?

Exploring our creativity for at least 10 minutes a day is one of the nine key cornerstones of wellbeing that Zach Bush MD recommends as lifestyle advice not only in response to the current pandemic, but to further our wellbeing generally. You can read the rest here.

If you haven’t yet engaged with Zach’s work, I strongly urge you to. Not only is he a medical doctor, but a soil scientist and campaigner for sustainable regenerative agriculture. He has some challenging insights into the current state of our health globally, especially in relation to the state of our soil, our ‘broken’ food industry and its effect on chronic disease. I recommended his latest conversation with Rich Roll last week. It’s very insightful, moving and inspiring, make sure you play it to the end. Here is the link again:  As part of their conversation Rich and Zach discuss how they are changing as a result of what is going on right now. What new things they are putting in place and what new perspectives they are bringing to the fore.

I’d love to hear about what’s changing with you? What new habits are these circumstances bringing to the fore? Are they short-term coping strategies or valuable lessons to take forward in your life?

This is also a theme in another great conversation (between another couple of inspirational voices in the health and wellbeing landscape, namely Drs Rangan Chatterjee and Gabor Mate.
In this conversation Gabor Mate explores how our response to this (and any other challenge) is rooted in our experiences in childhood.  They discuss the way in which we can physically hold the fears, anxieties and tensions we perceive around us. Thankfully, we know that chiropractic can be a great antidote for these tensions!

Now is a great time to stay connected to your body and disconnect from too much media.  SRI exercises can help with this and will be much better for your overall health and wellbeing.  We are hosting small online group SRI workshops on:

  • Tuesdays at 11am and 4pm
  • Fridays at 11am
  • 1-2-1 SRI appointments are available by arrangement. Email and I will send an access code for a Zoom meeting.

Nancy and I have really enjoyed hosting our Sunday evening ‘social’ on Zoom. It’s been great keeping in touch with everyone and hearing how you’re getting on.

Practical stuff

How are you managing? Are you managing to get healthy food? I know that supermarket delivery slots are scarce so you could consider one of the catering industry deliveries.  Since pubs and restaurants are no longer open they have re-directed their efforts to home deliveries and often have more availability.  Have a look at Mydelifresh:, Heslington Fresh Foods: or Bidfood:
Remember, if there is anything that we can do to help or support, please email or call me.

Yours chiropractically,


P.S. Given the monumental effort that our frontline staff are giving, I would love to support in any way I can- online now, or hopefully face to face soon. Please put me in touch with anyone under strain right now. We’re here to help.

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