Finding Calm in the Storm

Uncertainty is the new norm…how are you doing with that?

Every day we are adapting to new circumstances, new information, changing lifestyle habits and being more comfortable with being uncomfortable. If you are in a patient-facing role right now, no doubt you feel this even more so.

Many people feel that their support structures, or support networks, have been disbanded and, as we collectively start to realise what the next few weeks and months may hold, many of us are choosing to ‘just take one day at a time’. I want to acknowledge that this is a big shift for many of us, especially if we have been used to a good degree of certainty and control. I am reminded of Anthony Robbins who has often said:

‘The quality of your life is in proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably live with.’

This might seem like a huge undertaking right now but the following lifestyle approaches, which nurture mind, body and spirit might help us adjust to the new norm. Here are a few new ones to consider and a gentle reminder of previous offerings:

  • The Food Revolution Summit. Nancy and I engaged with this annual, online event last year and it was informative, uplifting and our habits changed as a direct result. It’s coming round again and is loaded with top-class speakers and heaps of wisdom
  • The 12 Stages of Healing in 12 days with Donald Epstein. As mentioned in the last newsletter this is powerful work, the understanding of which underpins NSA chiropractic and SRI. The founder and developer is helping us gain new insights and understanding by going through the different stages on Facebook.  It doesn’t appear to matter if you didn’t start on day 1, but it’s not clear if they will still be there after day 12 so catch up when you can.
  • Rich Roll in conversation with Zach Bush MD, ‘A Pandemic of Possibility‘.  I haven’t listened to this yet, it’s on the playlist for tomorrow, but based on their previous conversations this is likely to be inspiring and insightful
  • Daily ‘Somatic Respiratory Integration’ (SRI) practice. If you are struggling at the moment, this can be hugely beneficial in helping you to connect and release tension. Usually when we least want to do it is when we get the greatest benefit!

Great resources

Amongst all the fear and worry that many are facing right now, there are clearly going to be new insights and opportunities. A greater appreciation for what we have previously taken for granted and a new-found respect for caring professions are two shifts that will hopefully become the norm.
There will be many more. Can we sit mindfully in this time of uncertainty and become the change we are wanting to see?

Yours chiropractically,


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