Notes from a (not so) New Dad

Do you go through life dashing between tasks, obligations and responsibilities? Do you find yourself cramming too many things into a finite amount of wakeful hours (with the result that your days become a blur) which sometimes means we therefore we don’t even sleep properly? It’s a vicious cycle.

As a (now not so) new dad (also guilty of the above), I’m often in awe of what our baby daughter Chloe has to teach us about life; about being fully present to the moment and enjoying the simplicity of life

She finds excitement and joy in simple things-, a smile, a wave or a cardboard box! She demonstrates affection for others, without judgement and she has the ability to fully express emotion, then move on to the next thing without creating a story and creating suffering… from crying to laughter in a heartbeat!
Chloe also has an endless supply of inquisitiveness, perseverance and courage in trying new things.

What if we remembered what it’s like to be a child again, to live with more joy, more inquisitiveness and more enthusiasm. I’d like to suggest that that our lives would be so much richer and, chances are, we’d be healthier too.

With health in mind check our our ‘Macmillan Coffee Morning with a Difference’ on Saturday October 10th. Food intolerances / allergies or not it promises to be a fun and delicious morning all in aid of a good cause.

Best wishes,

PS: Please note that the practice will be closed Friday October 30th – Tuesday November 3rd inclusive as we will be attending the Transformational Gate in Italy

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