The Antidote to Fear

The antidote to fear and anxiety is strength, calmness and becoming grounded.

Given the upheavals and uncertainties of our lives right now, it’s very easy to be thrown off-balance. Even if, by chance our working lives are unaffected, some of us might be feeling isolated, concerned about ourselves or others, unsure about what the future holds, let alone concerned if we can buy groceries for ourselves or loved ones!

Now more than ever, I find the benefit in lifestyle habits such as:

  • Putting good stuff in your mouth (and ears). We can really affect how we think and feel by what we eat and drink, let alone what potentially anxiety-provoking media we consume. As the great Jim Rohn is quoted as saying:

‘Stand guard at the doors of your mind!’

  • Daily ‘Somatic Respiratory Integration’ (SRI) practice. These are powerful exercises to help connect mind and body, release tension and support your nervous system. Hopefully most current practice members are in some way familiar with the basic principles of these breathing techniques and now is a really good time to use them to maintain your connection and calmness. (If you are new to the practice, or are unsure how to use these exercises, please contact me to arrange a 1-2-1 Zoom session with you).

SRI with Donald Epstein

For the first time ever, the founder and developer of NSA and SRI will be teaching the 12 Stages of Healing online, for free. This is the framework on which these techniques are based and is born out of vast experience and keen observation.  This is an amazing opportunity to learn from the founder and developer of this work. Follow this link to register: short notice however, it starts tomorrow!

I will be offering support, clarification and help with applying the techniques if need be.


A reminder that we are hosting a virtual get-together on Sunday evenings:

  • On-line social. Grab a drink, hang out and chat to people you know through the practice. Over the years we have come to recognise the importance of our reception room and want to avail that to you virtually!  Open to all current and past practice members plus those of you in our wider community.  Sunday evenings (starting Sunday 29th) at 8pm, Zoom access codes will be announced on Facebook.  If you don’t use Facebook let us know and we’ll email them to you.

Almost everyone is going through great transition and transformation right now. It might get a bit bumpy at times and it’s ok to feel knocked off centre. The gift is of course to use the challenge to build our resourcefulness and strength. As the old saying goes:
‘The stronger the breeze, the stronger the trees..’

Yours chiropractically,


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