Happy start to the new year to you.

How are the resolutions going?

Many people will set some kind of resolution or intention as the year turns, often a resolution to improve their health or wellbeing in some way. For those that have resolved to cut down on alcohol, caffeine, eat healthier, drink more water, exercise or relax more, how does it feel? Probably feels pretty good doesn’t it? Perhaps you have a bit more energy, feel stronger or better able to cope with your work or life’s challenges.

So why do most resolutions dwindle after only a week or two? (Apparently only 20% last more than 2 weeks.)

How come we find ourselves losing focus despite initially benefiting from the changes we make. Sometimes it’s about developing better habits or routines, often perseverance and commitment are key. Sometimes, however, it’s that we don’t value ourselves enough to prioritise it, or just that we value our commitment to others more… And is that just the same thing?

To my mind, if the end result is a better version of ourselves, with an improved capacity to help those who rely upon us, surely that is an investment worth making.
Only we can really look after our own health and well being, our health is our wealth and it’s our responsibility.  Now here’s a thought to ponder…what if you could be fitter and healthier at your next birthday (with a zero on it) than at the last one?

Happy revolutions, I mean resolutions…

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