Some people come to us with pain. Sometimes it’s because they’re feeling stressed out. Some are seeking that bit of extra energy or something they can’t even put into words.

At Brighter Life we meet you wherever you are on your wellness journey.

These are some of the people we’ve been lucky enough to work with.

Disclaimer: By sharing these testimonials we are not suggesting that everyone's outcomes will be the same or that we treat any particular condition or symptom.
“I barely had enough energy to look after the house and family. Since I started coming here, gradually I’ve just got my energy back to the point where I feel fantastic... It’s a phenomenal difference.”

“I feel a lot more relaxed and generally calmer as a whole. I used to have lots of little niggles with my back. Since I’ve been coming here that’s a lot better.”

“It’s such a beautiful place and a lovely environment.. There’s a lot of support here and it feels very safe.. I came feeling desperately anxious and I’m not now.”

“I'd tried two bouts of surgery.. acupuncture.. podiatry.. physiotherapy.. I'd tried it all really. It was only when I came to Dave that the effects of my injury began to disappear.”

“It's slowly melted the pain away... I feel a lot better. Probably the best I've ever felt now than a big part of my life. Inside I feel happier. I feel freer. And it's not just that the pain's gone, I just feel better in myself.”

“The results were fantastic. My posture was better, I felt an inch taller and after a few treatments my back felt so much better with little to no pain. Mentally I feel more relaxed & energised too.”

“Coming here it’s made me feel a lot more relaxed and ready for my exams.”

“I was at a point where I couldn’t do simple everyday tasks with my right arm... I’d given up on myself... Now I’m back at work. I’m fitter than I’ve been for 10 or 15 years. And I’m enjoying life.”

“I’m more relaxed.. I sleep better.. My wellbeing and outlook on life is in a much better place than before coming here.”

“After each adjustment I come away with more energy, more optimism, more enthusiasm, a better sleep pattern, better eating habits, more awareness of how I am sitting / standing and less pain.

I would highly recommend you to any one suffering with pain, postural problems or low energy levels. It has been a truly enlightening experience.”
“It’s about feeling easier and calmer in my body... It’s helped me to get through some tricky times and tense times... And to feel more ‘me’, more confident in myself and happy with who I am.”

“I noticed that I was much more upright than I had been for many years.. It really blew me away and that in turn has given me a lot more confidence.. It’s like a breath of fresh air.”

“At Brighter life I feel I am listened to. My treatment is specific to my needs and the individual service is second to none. I have experienced great improvement in my mobility, posture, strength and, most importantly, the pain has significantly reduced.”

“The chronic pain that I was getting before isn’t a problem now.. My flexibility is better. The awareness of how I move is better.”

"I've found coming to Dave's has totally transformed my life"

“I’ve found much more flexibility in my body and much less pain and discomfort.. I feel like a human again.”

“Thank you so much for introducing me to NSA. I'm really enjoying the treatments and I feel they're helping me lots. I always come back feeling more positive and happy afterwards.”

“I was introduced to NSA a bit more than a year ago now. I am still not sure exactly how it works and exactly what happens, but I know that this experience – your entrainments, and the friendly environment and community you have created – has had a big impact on me.

It has made me more aware and open to what is going on within me, as well as making me more curious and open to the world around.

Seeing the fantastic results has strengthened my belief of the power we all possess, the power of the body to heal and help itself.”



“The benefits of Network care are tremendous; my spine has never felt so flexible, my stress levels have dramatically decreased, I have been able to make huge and important decisions which otherwise would not have happened.

I would recommend this to everyone who wants a richer and more fulfilling life. I am very grateful to Dave for the outstanding care I have received and will continue to receive.”


“I visited Dave after suffering with lower back pain for many weeks. He was very friendly and understood the underlying nature of the complaint immediately.

Instead of the (painful) physical manipulation I had received previously at the hands of another therapist, Dave's technique involved mainly breathing exercises, which even at the time I found very relaxing, but within a couple of days my back pain had completely disappeared. 

I was able to bend any which way I liked and I'll bend over backwards now to recommend him to you!”



“At a time when I was really struggling Dave was incredible. I felt very safe and secure to really connect and move through some very deep emotional stuff from my past that I needed to connect with. I really felt that he understood exactly what I needed and allowed me to go there with safety. Thank you.”


“I was sceptical at first about NSA but having received care I started to notice a general change in my mood. 

I had a new found tolerance for things that would normally have irritated me and generally a more prominent positive outlook on the world. I was also more relaxed in day-to-day life. 

I highly valued the treatment I received and am sad I was unable to continue care due to geographical reasons. If this had not been an issue I would still be in care and feel I would be developing the positive effect further.”



“To be pain free, to sleep well, exercise well and feel happy, calm and motivated, when previously I did not, is life changing.”


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