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What To Expect

First visit

Your first visit to the practice will be attendance at a complimentary talk & demonstration offering you a comprehensive overview of the care we offer here at Brighter Life.  we have noticed that patients tend to reach their health goals faster having attended one of these events which is why we have incorporated it into our consultation process.

Please check our Events page or connect with us on Facebook to view upcoming talks and workshops.


During the first visit, we will take a full history from you to properly understand the nature of your health and wellbeing and where you’d like to see change. We’ll perform whatever assessments need to be done and refer you for any further tests (such as X-rays) should we feel the need. Usually, we don’t perform any adjustments on the first visit.

Report of Findings

Here we will report on what we found in the initial consultation, and make recommendations about what you could do. If that includes starting care with us, we will suggest a programme of care in keeping with your health and lifestyle goals. If we consider you need a different kind of intervention we are happy to refer you to another healthcare provider.

How many visits will it take?

This will depend on the nature of your condition, how long you have had it, and what results you want to achieve. We will offer recommendations and review your care on an ongoing basis.


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