Chiropractor Wetherby

Brighter Life Chiropractic are just 3.5 miles from Wetherby. We have been offering our Chiropractic services in Wetherby since we started Brighter Life Chiropractic.

Wetherby provides a peaceful and inspiring atmosphere to base our business. Combine a stunning location with our recently decorated barns and we have the perfect setting to maximise your wellbeing.

Brighter Life Chiropractic Wetherby

As most people aren’t aware of the range of symptoms a chiropractor can help with, please see below for some common ailments we are often able to treat.

  • lower back pain
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain and shoulder problems
  • slipped discs
  • leg pain and sciatica
  • pain or problems with hip, knee, ankle and foot joints
  • pain or problems with elbow, wrist and hand joints
  • fibromyalgia

Take a look at just a few reasons for choosing Brighter Life Chiropractic;

  • We offer a full spinal assessment
  • We look at you as a whole person, not just the symptoms that speak the loudest
  • We seek to support you in all aspects of your wellbeing
  • We hold regular educational workshops to support you and to help advance your care

If you have been searching for a Chiropractor in Wetherby, Brighter Life Chiropractic Wetherby welcomes you...

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Opening times
Tuesday: 4pm - 6.30pm
Wednesday: 8am - 12pm
Thursday: 3pm - 6pm
Saturday: 8am - 12.30pm
Find us:
Brighter Life Chiropractic
1st Floor Small Barn South,
Carlshead Business Centre
Paddock House Lane, Sicklinghall
North Yorkshire
LS22 4BJ
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