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Brighter Life Team

Dave Hill – Chiropractor

My inspiration to become a chiropractor, like many before me, came because of fantastic results and care from my own chiropractor. I first visited my chiropractor when I was training for the London marathon, and although I didn’t have much in the way of pain-a few aches and niggles, I wanted something that could give me a bit more of an edge. A few weeks later, I raced in London and broke the previously elusive 3 hr barrier, knocking an amazing 22 minutes off my previous personal best. Numbers aside, my niggles had gone, I felt more balanced, more at ease, and I recovered from the race quicker than I had done in the past.

I continued to receive care and continued to notice the benefit, even though I couldn’t understand how  such light contacts had such a profound effect on my posture, health and sense of wellbeing. As I continued to notice more and more, not only in myself but with others, I was inspired to help more people access the kind of care I had received, and I enrolled at the Open University and then subsequently at chiropractic college. Having graduated university twice before, I had a strong scientific background, and was no stranger to studying, but the 5 years of training were certainly robust and thorough. Thankfully it was fun and enjoyable in equal measure! I have been learning NSA directly from its founder and developer Donald Epstein for over 7 years. I am a qualified life coach, and have a strong interest in personal development. I’m also a keen athlete and fell runner, and continue to run marathons (the last one I ran was ‘barefoot’).

Having just got married I am also excited that my wife Nancy will be supporting Brighter Life as Practice Manager.

Brighter Life Chiropractic is the result of many years of planning and I am very much looking forward to meeting you and serving our community.

Until then, may I wish you a brighter day, brighter health and a Brighter Life!

Irene Stephenson – Chiropractic Assistant


Irene joins the team in this month and looks forward to meeting you

Nancy Hill – Practice Manager

I have been receiving Network chiropractic since 2008 and it continues to be an integral part of my life, and my daughter’s life too.  As parents, and as a family, our wellness (through chiropractic care and a good nutritional base) is our passion.

Like many working women I wear different hats.  I am a first time mum (to the beautiful Chloe), practice manager, creative arts psychotherapist, wife and home maker.

Brighter Life Chiropractic is an important part of my life and a source of pride for both Dave and I.  We are committed to helping our practice members get to wherever they want to be in life with a spine, and nervous system, to support them.

We look forward to welcoming you to Brighter Life and sharing the joy of the journey.


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