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Notes from a new dad…

… and life lessons from our daughter. Welcome to Brighter Life Chiropractic’s March Newsletter. The last few weeks have been an incredible experience for Nancy and I as we have welcomed our daughter into the world. Each day has offered great insights, new learnings and growth as we adapt to […]

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Introducing Our New Arrival!

Welcome to Brighter Life Chiropractic’s February Newsletter. Nancy & I have the greatest pleasure in introducing our newest practice member Chloe Anna. Chloe was born a week ago and, as we had wished, she was born happily and peacefully at home in a rather large paddling pool in the […]

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New Beginnings

Welcome to Brighter Life Chiropractic’s January Newsletter. We start the new year with lots of promise.  The promise of the new and the possibility of what we will do, achieve and create. We might have a vision for what we want to do this year, but do we have […]

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A Brighter Festive Season

Welcome to Brighter Life Chiropractic’s Christmas Newsletter. It’s a time of great joy and fun, to be with family and a time to kick back and relax…. Ideally! We wish you all of the above and also recognise, from our own observations and experiences, that the festive season can bring more […]

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Tis’ the Season

Welcome to Brighter Life Chiropractic’s December Newsletter. We’re excited to be running our annual Christmas promotion again this year whereby we’re offering all practice members a £65 gift voucher (covering a full consultation and report of findings) with our compliments. Take a look at the newsletter to find out […]

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Inspiring Change

Welcome to Brighter Life Chiropractic’s November Newsletter. “You never know how far reaching something you think, say or do today, will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” BJ Palmer, the developer of Chiropractic Sometimes, we underestimate ourselves. We sell ourselves short of our potential, and feel at the mercy […]

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Where’s your Focus?

Welcome to Brighter Life Chiropractic’s October Newsletter. When we want to create something – habits, interests, increase our knowledge, or health – what we concentrate our minds upon tends to grow. Conversely, what we ignore tends to diminish. The mind is a powerful tool. The effect of changing our […]

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An Inside Job

Welcome to Brighter Life Chiropractic’s August Newsletter. Self-absorbtion – it’s something we do all the time. Even though there is an external world out there, we make sense of it internally in our minds. Our mood and temperament have a huge effect on the way we see the world […]

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One World Experience – A Brighter Way to meditate

One World Experience ‘Creative’ or ‘Frictional’ Energy – what’s the driving force behind your actions? Saturday May 17th 12.30pm You are invited to the first in a series of either 1 hour meditation events here at Brighter Life Chiropractic. Led by Dave, Nancy and other (Yorkshire based) […]

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Your Amazing Spine

Welcome to Brighter Life Chiropractic’s May Newsletter. This week is Spinal Awareness Week, and we are raising awareness of the importance of our spine in our health and wellbeing. Anyone who has attended our introductory talk will be aware of the link between posture and overall health – take a […]

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