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An Inside Job

Welcome to Brighter Life Chiropractic’s August Newsletter. Self-absorbtion – it’s something we do all the time. Even though there is an external world out there, we make sense of it internally in our minds. Our mood and temperament have a huge effect on the way we see the world […]

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Cleaning & Life!

Welcome to Brighter Life Chiropractic’s July Newsletter. I wouldn’t say that Nancy and I are particularly untidy, however, when we moved house this week, we gave the place we were leaving ‘the mother of all cleans’… What became evident was that we cleaned the whole house much more thoroughly than we […]

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Expand your awareness and increase your capacity to love

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One World Experience – A Brighter Way to meditate

One World Experience ‘Creative’ or ‘Frictional’ Energy – what’s the driving force behind your actions? Saturday May 17th 12.30pm You are invited to the first in a series of either 1 hour meditation events here at Brighter Life Chiropractic. Led by Dave, Nancy and other (Yorkshire based) […]

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Your Amazing Spine

Welcome to Brighter Life Chiropractic’s May Newsletter. This week is Spinal Awareness Week, and we are raising awareness of the importance of our spine in our health and wellbeing. Anyone who has attended our introductory talk will be aware of the link between posture and overall health – take a […]

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It’s a marathon, not a sprint

Welcome to Brighter Life’s Marathon newsletter, thanking our community for your support in this year’s London Marathon. As ever this event brings together people from all over the world to celebrate the endeavour of months of training and hard work. The London marathon is an incredible celebration of the human […]

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A Spring in your step

Welcome to April’s Brighter Life newsletter and welcome to the beginning of Spring . Spring is also the season of DISCOVER… the others being Transform, Awaken, and Integrate. Now is the time to discover the world around us and how we respond to external stimuli. Each season has wisdom to be […]

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Time For You!

Our second Brighter Life newsletter of 2014 is looking at the issue of taking some time for yourself . It’s vital to look after yourself and your needs – this isn’t a selfish notion, for in order to help those you care about your own health and wellbeing must […]

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A Happy and Healthy 2014

Our first Brighter Life newsletter of 2014 – wishing you all a happy New Year. New Year is the time for feeling energised for the year ahead, making plans and and feeling fit and healthy – or perhaps you’re not quite there yet? Take a look at the newsletter […]

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Gaining Clarity through Reflection

Our second of December’s Brighter Life newsletter is all about looking back at the progress we’ve made throughout 2013, and asking ourselves some important and exciting questions to plan for the year ahead. We gain most our best improvements when there is a definitive goal to aim for and […]

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